2016 Miller Manse Renovations

Displaying IMG_20160629_162412306.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160707_164215424_HDR.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160709_115807731_HDR.jpg

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Displaying IMG_20161024_155728108_HDR.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160914_162708008_HDR.jpg

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About Columbia Historic Preservation Society

Columbia Historic Preservation Society (CHiPS) 501c3 Organization 19-21 North Second Street, Columbia PA. The museum houses artifacts and publications and model train display.
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1 Response to 2016 Miller Manse Renovations

  1. So nice to hear from a dear friend. Such a bright mind with corrupted intentions. We currently average over 2,500 visitors, 4 events and a host of great volunteers. Your negativity has driven me to be more passionate of Columbia history. I remember your idea of tearing down the building and throwing a majority of the archives in the dump. We saved it and are thriving. I am sorry you turned out the way you did with incorrect information on our mold problem. We are now temperature controlled and have resolved the problem. Why? Because of hard work from our volunteers in the last seven years. Have a Merry Christmas!

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