2021 Museum Calendar

                 2021 ALBATWITCH DAY

The Columbia Historic Preservation Society, National Model Railroad Association, National Railroad Historical Society and Rail Mechanical Services has joined hands to put this event together for all ages to enjoy.

Here is somethings happening at the event.

Location (1): Columbia Historic Preservation Society    21 North 2nd Street Columbia PA

1,800 SQ. FT. Train Display: Columbia Historic Preservation Society

Trolley Service & Tour : $5.00 per person

Photos from 2017 Catch the Fat Cat Fishing Tournament

1st Place – Team Flowers 69.08 (3 fish)

2nd Place – Team Alsbaugh 47.89 (3 fish)

3rd Place – Team Shultz-  40.80 (2 fish)

Lunker Champion – Team Shultz 34.12

Albatwitch Day

Saturday, October 13 10 AM – 5 PM

2018 Albatwitch Day Coming

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